Trelay Covenant: these are the Trelay Community Values

Signed by everyone living in the community

Freedom and respect

We believe in personal freedom and as we exercise our freedom we show respect to each other, our land, plants, animals and buildings, and to the Earth. We are committed to supportive processes for resolving any conflicts.

Love, care, consideration and community

We care about all the people at Trelay. We welcome diversity, empowerment and a sense of belonging. We are learning how to help, support and nurture each other. Looking after, trusting, and communicating consistently and completely with each other, are important. We make community decisions on a consensus basis. We live and work together as a community, and develop and adapt as the community develops. We implement our shared vision continuously, and regularly review and celebrate it.

Wise use of money

The financial security of the Trelay community is important and we are committed to consider this in our actions. Our vision is to create an environment that is well maintained and used. We believe expenditure should be with consideration of the wishes, needs and thoughts of all community members and with transparency.  We may use capital loans, gifts or grants to develop Trelay in accordance with these community values. We believe in the development of sustainable projects and businesses to earn us a secure future.


We aim to live more lightly on the Earth, but we recognise that we can only do our best in an imperfect world. We expect to gently change our habits of a lifetime, not to abandon the world as it is. We wish to learn and pass on learning.  We appreciate that we are part of a larger community in North Cornwall and in the whole world, and we will play our part in developing local sustainability especially through co-sufficiency.


We believe in a healthy balance in our activities and commitments, and will support each other in achieving this.


We aim for everything to be done as well as possible so that Trelay will be a well-cared for and beautiful place. We recognise that we are stewards of the land for future generations.

Updated by the whole community at a vision weekend on 17th November 2013

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