Trelay Covenant – to be signed by each community member

I am committed to living by the Trelay Community Values

We aim to care for each other, our home, our animals, our plants and our land.

We are committed to supporting each other through all challenges and difficulties.

We believe in a healthy balance between individual and community needs.

We are committed to learning how to trust, communicate and learn from each other.

We believe in arriving at consensual decisions through listening to everyone.

We wish to play a positive part within the wider community of North Cornwall.

We aim to make Trelay a good example of how to live more lightly upon the Earth.

From our Highest Vision for Trelay:

Trelay Is a Place . . . . .

Trelay is a place of patience, beauty and harmony.

Where we have compassion to self and others, where we grow and thrive as a community.

It is a home, a place of safety, and a place to grow and thrive.

Home and Peace.

At Trelay we live in beauty and harmony.

Secure people and a beautiful place.

Where everyone feels love, safe, respected and cherished for being themselves.

Love, Respect and Happiness

Stronger Together!

At Trelay we have happy animals and happy people.

We have warm and cosy houses.

At Trelay we live in harmony with nature and wildlife.

We have an abundant veggie patch and abundant cake!!

At Trelay we are giving up ego for the greater good.

Feeling happy and secure, personal growth.

Love and hugs relaxing into Being.

Trelay is a place where personal growth leads to harmony,

harmony leads to communal growth.

Happy people who are co-sufficient and an example for others.

A shining example reaching out and empowering other groups.

Trelay is an inspired vision to help save the world.

Put together by Debbie, Vision Weekend 20th November 2016


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