Trelay Cohousing Community has opportunities to join as new members in 2020. We will have one 2 bedroom house and two smaller houses suitable for singles or couples coming up in 2020.  Shared 32 acre farm and vegetable plot plus several shared community buildings including communal dining area and kitchen where a lot of time is spent!

There is a process to joining us, as obviously you need to find out more about us, and vice versa, in order to make sure there’s a good match. We require at least three visits, one of which must be to attend one of our Interest Days. The other visits can be of a volunteering nature, getting to know us better, and us you.
Next interest weekends are:
  • Next interest weekends will be in 2020 and will be announced here

Alongside the interest weekends there will be an opportunity to volunteer and experience Trelay for those able and willing to spend more time getting to know current members , which is highly recommended.

If you wish to attend one of the interest weekends please read the following information sheet
Once a new interest weekend is announced, if still interested after having read this, please email with any thoughts as well as the following details about yourselves in <500 words 
  • Your background,
  • Family members in your household (and something about each of you, ages, skills,)
  • Finances: capital available for deposit, and sources of income
  • How you think Trelay would benefit you and 
  • How you think you would benefit Trelay.
Indicative schedule for Interest weekends:


10.30 – Tea & Coffee

11.00 – Round Circle introduction with residents

1230 – Lunch

1330 – Trelay walk around the farm

1400 – Legal Structure of Trelay

1700 – Supper with residents




9.30 – Introduction & Values presentation

1000 – Financial Presentation

1100 – Coffee & Cake / Questions

1130 – Visit of houses becoming available

1230 – Summary & Next Steps

1300 – Soup & Bread lunch with residents

Costs: For interest weekends we ask for £80 per adult for the Saturday and Sunday, which includes meals. The experience days are £10 per adult per day including meals. Accommodation starts from £5 per adult for camping, more info on our booking sheet.

For more information please contact Margot (